Queen Ann Ravioli & Macaroni

In 1955 at the age of 15, Alfredo Ferrara began his trip from Italy to the United States on the SS Conte Biancamano, leaving his home in Bari, Italy behind to find work, help support his family, and start a new life in America. On arriving to the U.S., Alfredo obtained a job and devoted most of his time to work. By 1960, he had saved up enough money to return to Italy and marry his childhood sweetheart, Anna. Following the wedding, Alfredo and his wife travelled back to New York and began setting money aside so that they could start their own business. After years of hard work and determination, Queen Ann Ravioli & Macaroni opened its doors in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn in 1972.

For over 40 years and three generations, Queen Ann Ravioli & Macaroni has remained a small family owned and operated business that produces gourmet pasta products on a daily basis, utilizing only the freshest and finest ingredients available. In addition to a retail store and catering services, Queen Ann creates private labeling and custom fillings for wholesale accounts and commercial businesses.

Our Factory

Queen Ann Ravioli & Macaroni’s gourmet pasta products are made like none other available on the market today. From the moment they opened their factory doors, Queen Ann’s fresh pasta and shells have been made on an antique hydraulic press built in Manhattan's Lower East Side that is over a 100 years old. Queen Ann Ravioli & Macaroni also produces fresh made egg batter crepes for their delicious manicotti daily, in addition to dozens of other pasta products that range from spinach gnocchi to squid ink linguini.